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Automate all operational processes right from Procurement, Logistics, Customer Relation Management, Sales, Accounting, Business Intelligence Analytics and Reporting.

Acquire Smart-Tech Solution, a full package ICT solution for your businesses.

Full Package ICT Solutions for Retail Business, Retail Management Software, Retail Business Solutions

Products, Services & Solutions

We transform your business into an efficient enterprise through accurate and reliable data and process tracking, data analytics, process, ROI, and performance optimization.

RMS 2.30

RMS2.30 is both on-premise and Cloud-based end to end solution for retail businesses. It provides high level functionalities that help in efficient optimization and automation of workflows as well as intelligence-based business decisions.

Omnichannel Solutions

ETD experts develop seamless shopping experiences solution across all channels. Our solutions in addition to core e-commerce features incorporates: Monitoring customer behavior, shopping trends, digital media integrations, and audit, online and offline selling procedures.

Custom App Development

Tailor-made solutions help the business focus in optimizing its operational process. Unlike in ready-made solutions that may have focused on a wider and business incompatible functionalities, custom development will help automate your process gradually and at business budgetary pace.

Digital Marketing Intelligence

Our expert conducts digital media audits, Competitor analysis surveys, data mining to help business deduce its weaknesses and strengths as well as discovering customer insights that helps in generating prospective sales.

Routine Automation

We develop a bot that automate your business routine tasks:
Digital media,
Ecommerce bots,
perform data analytics and business predictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to provide global and exceptional ICT solutions that aids in workflow management efficiency, Data ownership, and acquire over 80% accuracy business predictions across Africa while abiding by our core values.

Vision Statement

  • To aid business in acquiring confidence in data ownership through providing a Full Package ICT solution that are secure, sustainable and long-term.
  • To optimize business process, and performance through accurate tracking of operations data, and performing business analytics and predictions.

Core Values

  • Integrity, Excellence, In-Depth, and Objective