Automate your business process.

We develop applications that serves your business operations (process) using reliable and modern technology.

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Automate your business process

Services & Solutions

Let's discuss your business process and deduce functionalities for your Application or a solution to your problem.

Software Development

We offer solutions ranging from ERP Software, Web & Native Applications

Bot Development

Get your repetitive and pre-defined tasks automated over internet. Messaging client, Campaigns, Placing new orders, Payment.

Web Integrations

Add custom Bulk SMS & payment (M~pesa, Credit-Card, PesaPal, Paypal, Payoneer) solution to your applications, with transactions reports

IT Training

Acquire important IT skills to help you in your career.

Penetration Testing

To prevent Cyber-attacker we help your company implement a powerful tool (Penetration testing).

IT Support & Training

Get IT Support ranging from Computer Repair & Maintenance, Network Support, and Software, Implementations & Maintenance.

Branding and Marketing

Connect with influencers and pronounced marketers, as well as automating your marketing operations including fieldwork activities.

Information Technology Services and Solutions
Discuss Business Idea Challenge

Discuss business idea / Challenge.

We hold a comprehensive discussion about your business process and challenges for an amazing business solution.

Make appointment , and let our experts analyse your business for most suitable solution.

Functionalities Verification and Pricing

Functionalities verification and pricing

Create a comprehensive list functionality and sequence of actions as per outlined business process. Negotiate solutions pricing that vary with the agreed scope of work.

Database and Concept design

Using agreed functionality list we design most effecient database structure and user-friendly UI for your application.

Application Development


Our Development team select the most appropriate technology for your solution and coding commerce, subsequent operations, testing, debugging and presentations are done to help cleint give feedback at every step of development.

Our application are scalable, Development never end as new functionalities keep emerging as business expands. We will be able to offer support and add any functionality required by the dynamic growth of the business.

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